The way we work is changing. We want to use this change to enable freelancers and self-employed people to achieve more professional success and satisfaction.

Self-employed people often work below their means.

  • Less complex projects despite a high level of experience
  • Permanent acquisition pressure
  • Work in a team is missed

>> connects self-employed and freelancers into a member community with all possibilities

A company based
on the cloud
computing model. enables its members to undertake projects with the resources of a large organization and to and to carry out more attractive contracts.

Agency & Infrastructure s h a r e d. i nc Clients Talents

A digital collaboration platform.

  • Easy project start
  • Clean and legally compliant contracts
  • Split acquisition, multiplied portfolio
  • Tailor-made services
  • Institutionalized knowledge exchange
  • Transparent costs


One contractual
partner on both sides.

  • Talents connect to project-related teams via 
  • With the stock corporation, clients receive a trustworthy partner
Clients Talents

Community growth,
community ownership.

  • is not driven by profit, but by commitment
  • More engagement increases status, co-determination and participation in revenues
  • grows through personal networks of users (Member get Member)
  • Team evaluations after project completion ensure the quality of the network

E n g a g e m e n t - S c o r e R e v e n u e s Basic Member: DO Advanced Member: LEAD Premium Member: OWN

We strengthen
a fair economy.

  • follows the principles of responsible ownership
  •  All activities are aimed at fulfilling the company's purpose
  • Economic success is attributed to the fulfillment and further development of the company's vision
  • Profits flow back to the users and are based on individual commitment

needs to be

  • Project placement is remunerated with 5% of the turnover (up to a maximum of CHF 15,000) 
  • is financed by a project fee of 10% (up to a maximum of CHF 50,000)  
  • Each team decides on the distribution of the project budget, makes recommendations