We offer companies the best partner model for marketing projects in the digital economy: 

Completely project-specific, highly specialized, extremely flexible, 100% transparent and with a purpose-driven mindset.

A partner
company with a cloud computing model.

For the duration of a project, we put together a team of specialists for your company that is optimally tailored to the task at hand and take over all tasks from efficient project management and team organization to administration and project review. If the team requirements change in the course of a project, we simply add further competencies after consultation without slowing down the project.

Agency & Infrastructure s h a r e d. i nc Clients Talents


  • Your team is 100% project-specific and drawn from the expert community
  • Quick start and uncomplicated implementation thanks to well-rehearsed and transparent processes guarantee high efficiency
  • Your team only lasts as long as you need it
  • No costly overhead is funded from your project budget


    The community:
    A powerful network
    of specialists..

    • Our community consists of experienced members with a wide range of specialisms
    • This Trusted Member Network grows exclusively through direct contacts of existing members
    • Transparent mutual evaluations between all team members guarantee the quality of the network in the long term
    E n g a g e m e n t - S c o r e R e v e n u e s Basic Member: DO Advanced Member: LEAD Premium Member: OWN

    A digital collaboration platform

    • shared.inc offers you binding project functions and central management
    • Costs and services are transparent
    • Clients can be integrated into teams or participate in the process progress via a single point of contact (SPOC)
    • Employees and suppliers of companies can be part of a team


    with us
    is easy.

    With shared.inc, your company only needs a single contract, instead of complicated individual contracts

    • We are contractual partners vis-à-vis your company and our members
    • We take over the project management and inform you transparently

    Project Talents Talents Talents Talents

    Well invested
    in a fair

    The shared.inc network wants to make its contribution to making the economy fairer.

    • shared.inc follows the principles of responsible ownership
    • All activities are aimed at fulfilling the company's purpose
    • Profits flow back to the members and are based on individual commitment

    Time to start something special together.

    All beginnings are simple: test shared.inc with a project. We look forward to a non-binding initial consultation.